Beginning in 2020, the Bixby Center launched a mentorship program that connects current UCLA FSPH students with alumni who completed a Bixby Certificate and/or participated in RHIG leadership. We aim to leverage the experience and expertise of our own alumni to aid students in exploring research interests, identifying internship and career opportunities, and navigating the public health degree.

This program fosters community through engagement and allows both students and alumni to expand their network and get to know like-minded individuals in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

Application Instructions

Applications for the Bixby mentorship program open in late October. Current masters and doctoral students will be matched with alumni based on shared interests. Please e-mail the Bixby Program Assistant with any questions.

Note: In the past, the Bixby Program has offered limited mentoring opportunities to current FSPH masters students to assist UCLA faculty and post-docs with ongoing research projects in sexual and reproductive health. The new program is open to all FSPH students.