The Bixby Program awards a Certificate in Population and Reproductive Health to graduating Masters students at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health who fulfill and achieve competency in population and reproductive health (PRH).

What is the purpose of the Certificate?

The Certificate shows that the student has completed coursework and fieldwork recommended by the Bixby Center and has developed competency in: population and reproductive health policies and programs, socioeconomic and behavioral factors, program design and evaluation, health education, ethics, and advocacy. The Certificate demonstrates to future employers that the student has achieved a specialization in population and reproductive health.

Who is eligible for the Certificate?

Any graduating FSPH Masters student from any department is eligible.

What are the requirements?

Students must:

  • Fulfill at least 8 out of 10 Competencies (through courses, fieldwork, independent study or student group participation)

  • Complete at least 5 courses from the course Matrix (one may be petitioned)

  • Complete a 10-week field placement in population and reproductive health

  • Complete the required departmental project (e.g., CHS 211A/B) on a PRH topic

  • Participate in a relevant student group (Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG) and/or Sex and Cookies)

To apply, students must submit:

  • A completed Matrix (See page 2 for an example of a completed Matrix)

  • A completed Bixby Certificate application form, (pdf file)

  • A UCLA URSA transcript (unofficial is fine)

  • All application materials must be submitted by April 25 to Rachel Veerman: (no later than 6:00 PM)

Course Matrix

The Bixby Population and Reproductive Health Certificate Matrix is available here.

Bixby Certificate Alumni Survey – Final Report
By Paula Tavrow, Angubeen Khan, and Alex Hanel

This report summarizes findings from the Bixby Certificate Alumni Survey, an online survey that The Bixby Center on Population and Reproductive Health administered to all alumni of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health (FSPH) who had completed the Bixby Certificate in Population and Reproductive Health since its inception in 2005.

Read the report.


Nayelie Yuliana Benitez Santos

Bri-Ann Mary Hernandez
Lacey Howcroft-Chapple

Jacqueline Markt Maloney

Emily Murray

Kirsten Nadine Paulus

Andrea Renteria


Emily M. Abrahams

Cameron Brandt

Sara Beth Harrell

Ally Power

Sydney Marie Spencer


Ledaly A. Blandino

Lou Paulette S. Din

Kendall Dunlop-Korsness

Alexandra Hanel

Samantha Hwang

Melanie M. Potter

Marina Stephanie Quintanilla

Noemi Rivera-Olmedo

Kyle Patrick Ryan

Carey Walovich

Marissa Watkins


Amy E. Alterman-Paradiso

Cristina Hunter O'Leary

Makaela Marie Newsome


Natalie D. Dickson

Caitlin O'Connor


Ruth Hsu

Sally Saleh

Emerald G. Snow


Melissa Medich

Melissa Papp-Green


Joanna Ekstrom

Claudia Gilmore Gutierrez

Adriana Romero-Espinoza


Erica Ciaraldi

Hannah Coleman

Emily Wasson

Shun-Ching Zen


Annie Fehrenbacher

Gildy Lopez

Mayon Yen


Karin Hilton

Dayo Spencer-Walters

Rebecca Sussman

Lindsey Thompson

Whitney Welshimer


Adam Carl Cohen

Melodee Corne

Cassondra Marshall

Vanessa Novoa

Aimée M. Williams


Starr Banks

Laura Camberos

Caroline Elson

Priti Gautam

Bogdana Kovshilovskaya

Rose Liu

Philip Massey

Alani Price

Kyoko Shimamoto

Bonnie Smith


Elissa Bradley

Alba Chacón

Cody Haight

Michelle Horejs

Cara O'Connor

Kara McMullen


Sharie Cheng

Anya Gutman

Mashariki K. Kudumu


Nathalia A. Allevato

Robin Lowney Lankton

Cara Mae Wooledge

Jaimie Morse

Jennifer Taylor


Lidia Marie Carlton

Emily Chung

Ingrid Dries-Daffner

Megan Grimm

Andrea Hoberman

Leah Maddock

Rotrease Regan-Yates

Marie Elizabeth Sharp

Kristen M. Shellenberg

Sara Siebert